Kisssalis Moorraum Paar

Moor applications. Classic. With a new interpretation.

Targeted application of moor was already used successfully in the thermal baths of the Romans as a preventive health measure and as heat treatment. Until today it is used both as a wellness application and as a treatment and relief for numerous ailments. The moor used at KissSalis Thermal Spa contains no chemical additives - it is pure nature.

Current notice:

Due to corona regulations we cannot offer moor baths at the moment. Our moor room will open again from 13 September 2021.

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Kisssalis Moorraum Paar

Moor application or peeling in the moor room

Moor application or peeling in the moor room. Here, in contrast to other classic mud baths, you apply the hot natural mud onto your body yourself and then relax under infrared light on warm stone loungers. In this way you combine the relaxation of a contemporary wellness treatment with the valuable effect of natural moor. The KissSalis Thermal Spa moor room is on the gallery in the Thermal Landscape. You can make a reservation on the screen right in front of the moor room.

Alternatively, you can also choose to have a nourishing seasonal peeling in the moor room.

25 minutes


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