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Your Relaxation is important to us- sustainability & energy optimization also

Stormy times - not only because of this autumn weather, especially because of the energy crisis in europe.

The KissSalis Therme relies, since the opening in 2004, on resource-saving energy for an ecologically and economically operation.


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Normal Operation in the KissSalis Therme

The most important first:

- our pools have the usual watertemperature between 32°C and 38°C

- our saunas are in normal operation with the usual temperatures

So there are no touchable limitations for our guests.
Our guests visit us because of the warm thermalwater-temperature and the effect of this - so we are not planning to reduce the temperature.

Our Energy Saving expires mainly in the background:

Current Measures:

- Hamam is closed
- moor tub out of order
- Gartensauna opening 10.30 am (first infusion at 9.45 am in the Panoramasauna)
- both outdoor pools are available from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm (Friday and Saturday until 12.00 pm)
- Reduction of the parking spot lighting
- permanent Optimization in our technology
- sensitization of our employees

View into the future:

Unfortunately we can not forsee if the situation will excerbate and which consequenes will follow.
Maybe individual pools or saunen will be closed, because the lowering of the water temperatures achieves low energy savings with simultaneously big limitations for our guests.
We will keep you up to date here.

Was uns effizient macht,,,

What makes us efficient...


lowerable outside pools


Use of heat exchanger for the heat recovery in all relevant machineries


Coloums of light and underwater headlight in LED


Most of the lightning in LED- change of all as a continuous process


own BHKWs for power and water generation


efficient use of space (e.g.: the technology warms the floor out of the basement)


7 different climazones


Use of summer and winter mode costumized to the outside temperatures


Use of water power


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Did you know that our outside pools are empty at night?

The Design of our pools is very innovative for energy saving.

The water is lowered daily into underground pools where it can be circulated. So there is a low consume of thermal energy and the water can be pumped up at the following day.