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Submerge yourself in the World of Massages

Discover the large number and variety of massages and relaxation techniques on offer in the WellnessPavillion. Back or whole body massages, fragrant aromatherapy massages, hot stone, abhyanga or shiatsu- they all have the same goal: to bring your body, soul and spirit into balance. We wish you lots of fun while relaxing. 

Our tip:  Gift the perfect muscle relaxation with a massage voucher! 

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Abhyanga, also called the loving hands massage, is a relaxing massage with ayurvedic techniques and warm oils. It has a particularly harmonising effect.

50 minutes »| €65.00

Anti-stress massage

The pleasant anti-stress massage with warm basalt stamps results in profound tension and stress release and deep relaxation.

20 minutes »| €37.00

Aromatic oil massage

A beneficial, gentle massage with high-quality essential oils.
Depending on the fragrance, aromatherapy massage can have a relaxing, balancing or stimulating effect.

Back of body|€37.00 for 20 minutes
Whole body | €65.00 for 50 minutes

Babymoon massage

The KissSalis Babymoon massage is specially aimed at the needs of the expectant mother. It provides physical relief and relaxation during pregnancy and is recommended from the 4th month of pregnancy onwards. A wonderful gift idea for your pregnant colleague or friend.

20 minutes | €37.00
50 minutes | €65.00

Detox massage (scrub massage)

The detox massage is a new interpretation of the classic scrub massage. The intensive back massage with silicone cups stimulates blood circulation, loosens muscles and dissolves tension.

20 minutes | €37.00

Hot stone massage

With the hot stone massage, the combination of hot basalt stone, oil and an intensive massage ensures good circulation and loosening up of the muscles.

50 minutes | €68.00

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Breuß energy massage

The Breuß energy massage provides gentle relaxation of the spine. With this sensitive manual back massage deep-seated blockages are released which can help with back problems.

20 minutes | €37.00

Foot massage

With the targeted massage of the foot reflex zones, a foot massage can release blockages, normalise body functions and stimulate or calm the vegetative nerve system.

20 minutes | €37.00


The Japanese application “shiatsu” combines light acupressure, stretching and tapping. It stimulates the energy channels in the body and has a balancing effect on the internal organs.

Face            |€37.00 for 20 minutes

Whole body |€65.00 for 50 minutes

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Kisssalis Ruecken Oel Massage

Our back specials

With our back specials you experience the perfect combination of a soft pack bed and a massage. The skin is prepared for the massage with the heat pack - this is a very special massage experience.

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Back Fit

“Back Fit“ is an optimal combination of massage and body wraps: The intensive massage with silicone cups ensures good circulation and the subsequent back massage dissolves blockages in a targeted manner. A hot wrap increases the effect.

50 minutes | €65.00

Back Plus

“Back Plus” is a combination of moor & massage: The muscles are optimally prepared for the subsequent back massage with a deep acting warming mud pack

This is particularly effective against tension and back and shoulder/neck problems.

50 minutes | €65.00

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